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Air Conditioning For At Least Six Months Within The Flatbed Wash

Jul 27, 2015

Summer itself more rain, easy caused flat trailer air conditioning internal system and air conditioning filter device damp, plus using air conditioning of frequency very high, in air conditioning blower, and duct, place easy attached dust and dirt, plus rain and water residues, on easy caused moldy while breeding germs, not only easy raised odor problem, also has may against owners and ride people of skin and respiratory, has baby took of family with car on more should note this problem.

Flatbed did before air conditioning stops with a full and complete cleaning is essential, air conditioners, filters, evaporator, ductwork, and less maintenance when there are many items to consider.

For example in cleaning condensation device Shi cannot using high pressure gun, so as not to damaged thermal wing tablets, or caused circuit short-circuit or failure, while remember to cleanup condensation device and radiator Zhijian of gap, avoid jam; in cleanup evaporator Shi best using dedicated clean agent, from into outlet spray into, let its subtle bubble in-depth to air conditioning box, long time adsorption in evaporator surface, so without washable on can completely removal dirt; Dang car trip up 8000 km to 10000 km Shi, air conditioning filter device on the replaced has, Cleaning with compressed air cleaning from top to bottom, and put it in the Sun for a few hours, I can't remember to flush with water.

Many people like to use inside the vehicle while driving cycle the belief that they can avoid contamination outside the car, but if not thoroughly clean air conditioning parts, bacteria can breed, enters the body through the respiratory system health, this had to guard.