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Check Before Liberation Flatbed Transport Truck

Jul 27, 2015

Check before liberation flatbed transport truck

Free flat plate transport vehicles to carry out basic checks before starting to see flat transport truck parking around there is no obstacle; flat truck parking ground there is no suspicious oil stains, water stains; flatbed truck chassis tire pressure is sufficient. Tire pressure is effect flat transport car transport security of important factors, because flat transport car in transport in the, tire will occurred compression and the expansion, that so-called of tire deformation, special in tire pressure lower, and speed high Shi, this phenomenon more obviously, and at of tire internal temperature exception high, may produced rubber layer and cover layer separation, or tire surface rubber broken flying, phenomenon and caused burst tire, raised vehicles accident. Therefore, flat transport tire pressure under no circumstances shall guarantee manufacturers standard values. Tire pressure the appropriateness of flat truck fuel economy of a large impact. Improper tire pressure will increase plate rolling resistance of truck tires, thus increasing the flat vehicle fuel consumption