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Flat Deck Trailers A Safe And Smooth Finish

Nov 03, 2017

In the use of flat deck trailers, operating procedures are very important, not only to ensure safety, but also more smooth completion of the operation.

First, the flatbed trailer must pass through the vehicle processing organ inspection qualified, receives the number plate, only then can drive on the road. The plate plate shall be installed according to the specified position, and the plate shall not be lent, smeared or falsified. There is no difference between this and the General motor vehicle.

Second, in the absence of a formal plate, before the need to move or test, it is necessary to apply for a mobile license, temporary plate or test number plates.

Thirdly, we must insist on the excellent condition and Che Jong neatness. Brakes, steering gear, horn, rearview mirror and other equipment, must adhere to fully useful.

Four, according to the vehicle to handle the rules of the period to withstand inspection, not in accordance with the rules of inspection or inspection unqualified, prohibit the continuous March.

In the case of the steering gear of the flatbed trailer and the blackout, the device is not being towed. When the demand is being pulled, it must be operated by the official master, and the length is not greater than the tractor. When the traction equipment is soft connected with the tractor, the necessary safety interval is maintained and the brake fails, and the traction equipment must be used hard.

The noise of flat deck trailers and the harmful gases emitted must conform to the rules of the state.

Electric flat car A kind of transportation tools, originally most belong to the mechanical equipment category, but this kind of equipment contrast is special, is active, but the use of mechanical rules, or to strictly abide by.

General flat deck trailers have 5 main properties

Flatbed trailer also known as flatbed, all hanging flatbed, full trailer, flatbed trailer, etc., is an important tool for modern logistics and transportation.

The use of flat deck trailers is the most effective and simple means to improve economic efficiency. It has the advantages of high efficiency and higher load-bearing capacity.

A flatbed trailer train that can be towed by a tractor or more than one trailer.

The 5 properties of a civilian flatbed trailer are as follows:

First, double-double buffer traction mechanism, in the vehicle start or the brakes have cushion to avoid damage to the goods

Second, the steering mechanism for the Shanghai Industrial Machinery slewing Assembly (Excavator hook arm slewing Assembly) for ten years do not worry about damage.

Third, the traction cage can be adjusted fixed, different tonnage of the traction head or forklift traction only simple adjustment can be

Four, suspension frame, compared with the traditional hard connection (welding), reduce the long-term stress damage, longer service life.

The axle automatic swing adjustment, convex and concave floor to ensure the plane level and tire load balance.

The front and rear wheels can be equipped with spring steel shock absorber to reduce the damage of the goods.

VII, the configuration of universal connectors, operation is very flexible.

Eight, 180-degree slewing frame, minimum turning radius (180 degrees in-situ turn)