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Flat Deck Trailers Classification

May 10, 2017

Flat deck trailers Flatbed trailers are also known as trailers, which are different from trailers, and the chassis of flatbed trailers is much lower than the chassis of the trailer. In the handling of equipment, flat trailers will also be used for hauling heavier equipment, spare parts, etc., is also one of the indispensable equipment handling equipment.

Types of flat trailers

Flat deck trailers According to the use of functions, can be divided into four types of flat trailers.

Flat deck trailers First, the port and mining trailers, trailers are characterized by long length, heavy load, bending ability.

Flat deck trailers Second, four rounds to the flatbed trailer, this trailer has a small turning radius, suitable for use in some space is not abundant business.

Flat deck trailers Third, the ultra-low flat trailer, this trailer chassis is very low, from the ground often not more than 50 cm, easy forklift can be unloaded directly from the trailer.

Flat deck trailers Fourth, the bulk plate trailer, this flat trailer is mainly used for short-distance bulk cargo transit, multiple trailers can be used together, used for railway stations, stations, consignment stations, courier companies.

Application of Flat Trailer in Equipment Handling

Flat deck trailers In the handling of equipment, four different types of flat trailers are used. For some large machines and equipment that can not be dismantled, the harbor will be carried by the pallet truck. In addition, this flat trailer approved by the transport sector, is equipped with the conditions in the road, so large-scale equipment, long-distance road transport, you can also use this plate trailer.

Flat deck trailers If it is in the factory area for the transfer of equipment, handling, may also use the four-wheel steering plate trailer, compared with the trailer, four-wheel steering trailer steering radius can be reduced by 20%. Including small equipment handling, bulk cargo handling, use of ultra low flat trailers or bulk cargo trailers.