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Flat Deck Trailers Lack Of Appropriate Safeguards

May 15, 2017

flat deck trailers Plate trailer Because of the hard work of container truck drivers, especially the lack of corresponding protection, leading to the majority of young people unwilling to engage in this work, flat trailer drivers of the tight resources became accidental inevitable, especially when the Ministry of Transport in the introduction of container truck drivers must hold A2, the driver's resources are suddenly reduced. As more drivers become linked car owners or diverted, in the future, the flat deck trailers driver resource shortage will further highlight the consequences of two: first, many owners in order to reduce the loss of vehicle outage, knowing that the driver's use of fake certificates/certificates, there is no forced to pretend to continue to hire; the second is that the driver relying on itself is tight resources of the arrogance will continue to expand, labor contradictions will be further intensified.

In the National Development and Reform Commission's provisions and the owner's strong protest, charging 10 years of the gate flat deck trailers fee finally curtain call, but the trailer industry still is under some unreasonable costs.

Single fee: Throughout the international practice, flat deck trailers no area of the trailer industry needs to pay the bill of payment, flat trailers according to the relevant provisions of our transportation and related departments, the system is also included in the file fee, but, shipping companies are still using their strong status to the trailer industry to charge this fee, the trailer industry from Shenzhen, each year swept away 2.3 billion of net profit, although the United States, the name of the day is only asked for the exchange, but why not in the guests when booking a collection of the practice, a discerning look at the heart.

Parking Fee: Take Yantian as an example, flat deck trailers although the trailer industry creates tens of billions of production value annually, flat trailers do not have a public or relatively inexpensive parking lot, the situation should not be so simple as there is no land, otherwise the land of the private yard will come from? Each trailer is required to pay a 700-900 unequal parking fee to the private car park per month, in other words, a trailer that has disappeared for two months or so.

Management fee: Flatbed trailer, relying on flat deck trailers the charge of the management of a large margin of profits, but there is no self-employed vehicles of the transport company a few, more importantly, these shell transport companies, only to charge management fees, the subordinate owners and drivers management is indifferent. The labor contract of the driver and other practitioners signed, the use of fake certificates/cards and other important matters not to bear the responsibility of the management, more conceivable ' time other logistics services, but the owner must pay 600-800 yuan per month to its management costs, in other words, each trailer is missing two months or so of profits.

Road and flat deck trailers bridge fees: Notwithstanding the relevant provisions of the State, many of the charging stations that are supposed to be revoked in flat trailers for such reasons or that are still lawful and legitimate (such as the throat Yantian tunnel toll station in and out of Yantian), and the face of huge trailer transport industry, flat trailers also did not introduce the cost of road and bridge trailers of the electronic toll method or online payment measures, on the one hand, is legally extracted a large number of trailer industry profits, on the other hand, also for container truck drivers rushed off, punching card buried hidden dangers.

Countless flat deck trailers drivers have experienced the theft of batteries or vouchers for less than 10 minutes from the vehicle. Nan Tou Guan money in exchange for stolen documents also become the secret of the industry; Although the public security organ has destroyed a lot of stolen goods gangs, but the container seal is still heard news; many drivers can only disregard the safety, with the wife and children on the road, the purpose is to prevent theft. The theft is therefore the driver's heart pain, breeding the driver's distrust of society insecurity.

Plate trailer industry, its main pillar is the private owner of the affiliated, because the consciousness is weak, the profit meager can save the province, and so on many reasons, and its company does not go to the pipe at all, thus leading to the whole industry management is very chaotic. Foreign freight rate vicious competition, cargo theft, loading late, internal wages are not punctual, no labor contract signed, no injury medical insurance, no driver files and so on, not to mention the corresponding trade unions, the owners and drivers encounter problems often can only be complaints without doors, over time, all contradictions accumulate in the heart. The direct consequence is to lead to the overall customer's poor reputation, labor relations tense situation; Indirect consequence is often in the bud of the problem because of the timely containment of effective dredging, when external forces use certain special events to lure the whole outbreak, seriously detrimental to social stability.