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Flat Deck Trailers Low Fuel Consumption

Oct 25, 2017

Related maintenance knowledge of flat deck trailers:

1, flat deck trailers in the diesel engine downtime, should be operating under idle conditions 3~5min, so that turbocharger speed drop, temperature reduction, and monitor the supercharger running sound. If an exception is found, check for downtime. If the turbocharger rotor rotation is not flexible with card lag or wear sound, must send conditional repair station repair.

2, flat deck trailers, each work 500h or 30000km, should check the turbocharger rotor shaft clearance, and clear the compressor turbine shell and rotor blades of dust and carbon deposition. To remove the turbocharger from the diesel engine, replace the metal gasket between the supercharger exhaust pipe. It is not permissible to use mechanical methods to remove the fouling on the rotor parts, but to use petrol or other washing fluids to clean the aluminum parts.

3, flat deck trailers Supercharger compressor lock nut can not be demolished, otherwise it will damage the turbocharger rotor dynamic balance, causing turbocharger damage.

4, do not make any dismantled turbocharger's rotating parts damaged or force deformation, otherwise it will affect the balance of the plate trailer turbine. Nor can it damage any rubber seals.

5, flat deck trailers supercharger and inlet, exhaust pipe connection must be tight can not leak, if the exhaust pipe and exhaust gas turbine between the air, supercharger efficiency will be greatly reduced, diesel engine exhaust temperature will rise sharply and damage the valve and supercharger.

6. Before starting the new machine, the supercharger and turbocharger oil filter must be filled with clean oil to ensure that the diesel engine moves together, and the supercharger bearing can be lubricated. After the car is running 8000~10000km, the turbocharger oil filter cartridge must be replaced.

flat deck trailers trains are 1 more efficient than regular cars: generally, the loading quality of the whole vehicle is 1-2 times that of the ordinary goods vehicle; 2 Low manufacturing cost: A general-trailer is 50%-60% less than the same tonnage of freight car manufacturing, and 3 fuel consumption is low: hundreds of kilometres of fuel consumption are lower than truck bikes 40 (4) Simple structure, convenient maintenance, low maintenance costs, and for the general goods vehicles do not need to be modified can be towed, 5 can be picked up after the longer use as a storage unit.

Design Requirements for flat deck trailerss

flat deck trailers design generally needs to determine the following:

1, rated load capacity, according to the need to design bearing tonnage;

2, the load-bearing area, according to the need to design the plate trailer bearing width and length;

3, tire model, is solid tire or air tire, solid tire wear-resistant, not exploding tires, air tire walking speed faster;

4, flat deck trailers Other configuration, such as: Double traction, with guardrail, van type, braking system, damping system, awning, rope netting and so on.