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Flat Deck Trailers Simple Structure, Easy Maintenance

Jun 23, 2017

flat deck trailers, also known as flatbed, hanging flatbed, trailer, flat trailer, etc., is an important tool for modern logistics and transportation. The use of flat deck trailers is an important and effective means of improving economic efficiency. With the ability to bear high strength and other advantages. A trailer trailer can be traded by a tractor or a trailer with more than one trailer.

Flat trailer train compared with ordinary cars

1) high transport efficiency: the general loading of the trailer load car is 1-2 times the quality of ordinary trucks;

2) low manufacturing costs: a general trailer than the same tonnage of the truck manufacturing costs 50% -60%;

3) low fuel consumption: 100 tons of fuel consumption 40% lower than the truck cycle;

4) simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, but also for the general truck can be dragged without modification;

5) can be picked up after the longer term use as a storage unit.

Flat trailer itself without power, available forklift, tractor traction, apply to factories, docks, ports, warehouses and other field areas of bulk cargo turnover.

Flat trailer definition

Trailer, trailer, flatbed, trailer, trailer, semi-trailer, logistics trolley, trolley, tractor, van, pallet truck, heavy steel plate trailer! flat deck trailers, by the chassis, lifting devices, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, body and toolbox and other components, with lifting, pulling and pulling traction and many other functions.

Overview of flat deck trailers

Flatbed trailer. Flatbed trailer. flat deck trailers are a non-powered road vehicle in which their industrial design and technical characteristics need to be traction by truck. flat deck trailers are used for special purposes such as heavy duty transport of industrial goods or transport of carriers.

Classification of flat deck trailers

Trailer bar trailer:

Traction rods flat deck trailers are flat deck trailers with at least two axes. With a shaft can be 180 degrees steering; through the angular movement of the traction bar and flat trailer; traction rod can be vertical movement, connected to the chassis, it can not afford any vertical force. Semi-trailer with concealed support is also used as tractor-bar trailer.

A universal traction bar is a traction trailer that carries cargo in an open (flat) or enclosed (cargo) space.

Heavy steel flat trailer:

Flatbed trailer body material is heavy steel, usually known as: heavy plate trailer. Metaphor large-scale heavy, carrying capacity is relatively strong flat trailer. Called the steel plate trailer. Heavy steel slab trailers are generally used for industrial tonnage cargo transport, can be in the factory turnover of goods, or goods on the way to transport on the road.

Heavy steel flat deck trailers more suitable for: heavy products for short-distance transit, shift library, machinery, logistics, offline and other operations transport.

Flat trailer performance

1, double spring buffer type traction mechanism, in the vehicle started or the brakes have a buffer to avoid damage to the goods

2, steering mechanism for the Shanghai machine rotary assembly (excavator hook arm assembly) ten years do not worry about damage.

3, traction cage up and down adjustable, different tonnage of the tractor or forklift traction only a simple adjustment can be

4, floating frame, compared with the traditional hard-wired (welding), to reduce the long-term stress damage, longer life.

5, the wheel automatically swing adjustable, convex and concave ground to ensure that the level of the board and the tire force balance.

6, before and after the wheel can be optional spring steel shock absorber, to reduce the bumpy damage to the goods

7, the use of domestic engineering vehicles are more recognized brand engineering solid tires, high flexibility, wear,

8,180 degree rotating frame, the minimum turning radius (180 degrees in situ turn)

9, configuration universal joint, flexible operation.

Application Recommendation:

Suitable for chemical industry, home appliances, ceramics, hardware, machinery, logistics and other industrial sectors.

Flat trailer on the road

According to the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law Implementation Regulations" provides that the following conditions can meet the trailer Article 56

Motor traction trailers should meet the following requirements:

(A) truck, tractor, tractor only traction a trailer. Trailer lighting signals, braking, connection, safety protection and other devices should meet the national standards;

(2) Small passenger cars are only allowed to trailer the trailer or the trailer with a total mass of 700 kg or less. The trailer shall not be manned;

(3) The carrying capacity of the trailer trailer shall not exceed the carrying capacity of the truck itself.

Large, medium-sized passenger cars, low-speed trucks, three-wheeled vehicles and other motor vehicles can not pull trailers.