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Flat Deck Trailers Solid Package Rubber Wheel, A Strong Bearing Capacity

Jul 04, 2017

Flat trailer, that is, no track of the flat truck, and it is the main difference between the track car is a track car is a solid package rubber wheel, a strong bearing capacity, according to the size of the wheel size of the wheel configuration is different, Configure steering mechanism. Trackless trailers can travel freely on the ground level or even in situ, or according to customer requirements.

Track flat car with low-voltage rail, streamers, batteries and other power supply, but the track-free car is currently only battery-powered, and the general configuration is maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, long service life. In addition to electric, there is a non-powered trackless car, the body at both ends of the set of traction hook, need to use external thrust or tension drive.

Trackless car compared to other ground driving the van, the smaller capacity of a small bearing capacity, low trolley, loading and unloading convenience, more suitable for the transfer of material within the workshop. But the trackless car because of its carrying capacity on the ground have certain requirements, load 30T or less, ordinary cement floor can be used, if more than 30T, the ground need to do the steel processing, or laying steel and other high-strength bearing capacity of the material. Therefore, customers in the purchase of trackless car when the time to consider the use of conditions, choose the most suitable for their own transport flat car.

Plate drive unit automation cabinet, size (length X width X height) for the 800X600X1200mm, the control part is divided into turntable control part and hydraulic lifting control part, in fact, inside the electrical components is not a lot, supposedly not so big, but the manufacturers for the beautiful Therefore, the size of the cabinet made a unified standard.

This control cabinet system AC380V control, which contains transformers, contactors and controllers and all control part of the mechanical products, the control part is very important, the equivalent of the human heart, if the control part of the failure, The entire mechanical equipment will stop running. The Pafet control system is fully automatic, that is, the machine will run automatically without the need for human operation, and the position of the body will be displayed on the display of the control room.

Generally for each machine needs to achieve the action, basically through the control part of the electrical cabinet to achieve its function, for the control of the motor is the most basic control, for complex actions can be achieved.

Divided into electric flat deck trailers and no power flat deck trailers. There are many customers in the early use of flat deck trailers, the first is to save costs, and second, in order to avoid the follow-up electric flatbed trailer maintenance costs and other factors, the purchase of non-power rail car, in the use of manpower to promote or use other equipment traction drive. But with the continuous improvement of work efficiency, the optimization of human and material resources, the original non-powered car has been unable to meet the needs of efficient transport, these customers in order not to waste the original resources, on the choice of non-powered flatbed trailer transformation method The

In general, if the original power-free plate trailer transformation, you need to purchase a complete set of electrical equipment. The first is to choose, generally do not recommend customers to use low-voltage rail power supply products, because the track needs insulation, then the existing track is not available. Second, the need for customers to provide a more detailed description of the original trolley, to see if there is enough to install the car location.

No power flatbed trailer transformation, if the customer choose their own transformation, we recommend the configuration of shaft-type reducer package, while providing transformation design, because no need to adjust the wheel and easy to install. If we directly transform, we can according to the actual situation of the lowest cost of transformation, after the completion of a new electric track plate trailer.