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Flat Deck Trailers Timely Replacement Of Supercharger Oil Filter Filter

Aug 03, 2017

flat deck trailersRelated Knowledge:

1, flatbed trailer in the diesel engine before the shutdown, should be idle in the operating conditions for 3 ~ 5min, so that the supercharger speed down, the temperature decreases, and monitor the supercharger running sound. If abnormal, should be detected. Such as turbocharger rotor rotation is not flexible stuck or wear sound,flat deck trailers to be sent to repair the condition of the repair station.

2, flat trailers, 500h or 30000km per work, should check the supercharger rotor shaft clearance, and remove the compressor turbine and rotor blades on the dust and carbon deposition. At this point the turbocharger should be removed from the diesel engine, replace the supercharger between the exhaust pipe metal gasket. It is not permissible to use a mechanical method to remove fouling on the rotor parts, but to use gasoline or other cleaning solutions for aluminum parts.

3, flatbed trailer supercharger compressor lock nut can not be disassembled, otherwise it will destroy the turbocharger rotor dynamic balance, causing turbocharger damage.

4, do not make any removed turbocharger rotating parts damaged or stressed, otherwise it will affect the balance of the flatbed trailer turbine. Also can not damage any rubber seal.

5, flat plate trailer supercharger and the inlet and exhaust pipe connection must be tightly not leak, if the exhaust pipe and exhaust gas between the turbo, the efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced, the diesel engine exhaust temperature will rise sharply Damage to valves and superchargers.

6, the new machine before the start,flat deck trailers must be supercharger and supercharger oil filter filled with cleaning oil to ensure that the diesel engine to start, the supercharger bearing that can be lubricated. After the car travels 8000 ~ 10000km, it is necessary to replace the supercharger oil filter cartridge.