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Flat Deck Trailers To Ensure Smooth Operation Of The Engine To Extend The Life Of The Car

Aug 14, 2017

flat deck trailers, also known as flatbed, hanging flatbed, trailer, flat deck trailers, etc., is an important tool for modern logistics and transport. The use of flat deck trailers is an important and effective means of improving economic efficiency. With the ability to bear high strength and other advantages. A trailer trailer can be traded by a tractor or a trailer with more than one trailer.

Flat trailer train compared with ordinary cars 1) high transport efficiency: the general loading of the trailer load is 1-2 times the quality of ordinary trucks; low manufacturing costs: a general trailer than the same tonnage of the low cost of manufacturing vehicles 50 %); Low fuel consumption: 100 tons of fuel consumption is 40% lower than the truck cycle; 4) simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, but also for the general truck without modification can be dragged

Hanging; 5) can be picked up after the long-term use as a storage unit. Flat trailer itself is no power, available forklifts, tractor towers, apply to factories, docks, ports, warehouses and other field areas of bulk cargo turnover. Trailer, trailer, flatbed, trailer, trailer, semi-trailer, logistics trolley, trolley, tractor, van, pallet truck, heavy steel plate trailer! Trolley, by chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, body and tools

Box and other components, with lifting, pull pull and lift traction and many other functions.

Flatbed trailer. Flatbed trailer. flat deck trailers are a non-powered road vehicle in which their industrial design and technical characteristics need to be traction by truck. flat deck trailers are generally used for special applications such as heavy duty transport of industrial goods or transport of carriers. What are the "longevity secrets" of flatbed trailers?

    It is already the summer, and for our flatbed trailer users,flat deck trailers the maintenance of flat deck trailers is the key to extending the service life. Flat plate trailers are indispensable. Only the vehicle's lubrication to clean up, will make the vehicle work smoothly, easy on the road. For the purchase of lubricants to meet the quality requirements, because the quality of the lubricating oil can not only play the purpose of saving fuel, but also reduce the friction, to ensure smooth engine work to extend the life of the car.

    Especially in this summer, the hot season is easy to make the oil thinning, which will lead to deterioration of the antioxidant properties of lubricating oil, is not conducive to the protection of the engine, and may cause the burning tile and other shaft failure. For this season, the replacement of lubricants, be sure to wash the engine oil residue, and then put on a new lubricant. This is not the practice of chemical precipitation accumulation in the engine.

Flat trailer pallet trailer by the frame, hanging, support assembly, side protection assembly, flat trailer by the frame, hanging, support assembly, side protection assembly, brake and circuit systems, different products are different Of the composition of the goods, such as: the composition of the same, with the semi-hanging products there are differences between the fixed parts of the goods, the container semi-linked with a container lock assembly, the fence semi-trailer, the container semi-linked with a container Lock the assembly, the fence semi-linked to the fence, the other semi-linked with a box, tank, cylinder and so on. As far as I know, in addition to the text marked and praised the place of the paper outside the paper is not wrapped in other people learned or written by the study of the effectiveness of the program is not too tedious to accept the order of the three state or dichotomy education Degree or cursive make drowning material. The theoretical formula of the research can be used to derive the necessary theoretical thoughts for the design supply. The optimized design of the typical product is a good way to use the modern design method and means to solve the practical problem for the enterprise.

    , The support assembly is used to support the assembly of the front load of the pallet truck. Common single flat deck trailers have 27 axes. Center container lock assembly parts of the overall set of long beams to improve the carrying capacity of container lock assembly. When the combined trailer travels on a sloping road surface, in order to ensure the safety of the goods to be transported, it is sometimes properly adjusted so that it is always connected to a level. Postgraduate Signature: Instructor Date: Introduction to Master 's Degree Thesis of Wuhan Polytechnic University. Research and development of the subject with the production of the ever-changing scientific and technological progress, long pieces and heavy equipment in the road and the venue occupies an increasing proportion of the domestic special heavy equipment production industry put forward new challenges, A modular trailer with a combined function came into being. To the tractor rear axle center point B for the coordinate reference point on the control system to learn from.