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Flat Deck Trailers With The Tools To Protect The Transmission Line, To Ensure Safe Operation

Sep 26, 2017

Flat trailers in the use of the process need to pay attention to a few things, the following we look at it in detail:

    Before driving, check and confirm that the flat trailer device, brake trachea, cable connector and other connections are good, and tire pressure in line with regulations.

    When transporting an overrun object, you must go through the formalities of the traffic management department and travel within the stipulated time according to the stipulated route. Overdraft part of the day should be inserted red flag, night should be hung red light. Ultra-high objects should be hand care, and should be accompanied by electrical tools with the protection of transmission lines on the way to ensure safe operation.

    Flatbed trailer loading and unloading machinery, should be parked in a flat solid road, the tire should be braked and tightened with a triangular wedge. The springboard of the flatbed trailer should be solid, with the angle of the ground: in the loading and unloading crawler cranes, excavators, rollers should not be greater than 15 °; loading and unloading crawler bulldozers should not be greater than 25 °.

    Loading and unloading can be self-loading and unloading plate trailer machinery, should be run by the captain or skilled driver, and should be unified by the command. Command staff should be familiar with the command of the trailer and shipping machinery performance, features, on, get off the action should be smooth, not on the springboard to adjust the direction.

Tablet trailer train compared with ordinary cars 1) flatbed trailer transport efficiency: the general trailer car loading quality is 1-2 times the average truck; 2) low manufacturing costs: a general trailer than the same tonnage truck Low cost of manufacturing 50% -60%; 3) low fuel consumption: 100 tons kilowatt fuel consumption 40% lower than the truck cycle; 4) simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, but also for the general truck can be dragged without modification; 5) can be picked up after the longer term use as a storage unit.

Flat trailer design requirements

Flat trailer design generally need to determine the following:

1, rated carrying capacity, according to the need to design bearing tonnage;

2, bearing area, according to the need to design flat plate trailer bearing width and length;

3, tire type, is a solid tire or air tires, solid tire wear, no puncture, air tire walking faster;

4, other types of flatbed trailers, such as: double traction, with guardrail, Van, brake system, shock absorption system, awning, rope and so on.