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Flat Top Trailers Regular Maintenance, Maintenance

Sep 26, 2017

flat top trailers should be transported with superhigh, ultra-high and long objects before they should be properly transported and safe. When entering urban traffic or roads, they must comply with traffic regulations. When transporting an overrun object, you must go through the formalities of the traffic management department and travel within the stipulated time according to the stipulated route. Overdraft part of the day should be inserted red flag, night should be hung red light. Ultra-high objects should be hand care, and should be accompanied by electrical tools with the protection of transmission lines on the way to ensure safe operation.

Trailer should be checked before starting the trailer and confirm that the towing device, brake trachea, cable connector and other connections are in good condition and the tire pressure is in compliance. Light, speakers, indicating instruments should be complete; fuel, lubricants, cooling water should be sufficient to add; the joints shall not be loose; tire pressure should meet the requirements, confirmed correct, before starting. The fuel tank should be locked.

After the start of the flat trailer, observe the indication value of each instrument, check the operation of the internal combustion engine, test steering mechanism and brake performance, to confirm the normal and to reach the water temperature above 40 ℃, brake pressure above the safe pressure before the low start. Before the start, the car and the car should be no obstacles and personnel.

Water temperature does not reach 70 ℃, not high speed. Driving, the speed should be increased or decreased step by step, the correct use of the clutch, not strong push hard pull, so that the impact of gear ring. Forward and backward alternation, should be stopped after the car, before the shift.

When running, should always observe the instructions of the instrument, when the oil pressure is lower than the specified value, the water temperature is too high or abnormal sound, smell and other abnormal circumstances, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, before they continue to run.

It is forbidden to speed. Should be based on the speed and the car to maintain the appropriate safe distance, choose a better road travel, should avoid stones, nails or other sharp iron. In case of pits, ditch or through the railway, should be slow down in advance, slowly through.

On, downhill should advance substitutions low gear, not midway shift. Downhill, the internal combustion engine should be used to control the speed, if necessary, can be intermittent light brake. Do not pull the clutch or neutral gear.

In the muddy, snow and ice on the road, should reduce the speed,flat top trailers should follow the road ahead, if necessary, should be installed anti-skid chain.

 When the flatbed trailer into the mud pit, sand nest, the use of loose clutch pedal method should not be used to impact the start. When using the differential lock, should be low-speed straight line, not turn.

Vehicles wading through the river, you should first explore the depth of water, flow and underwater conditions, the depth of not more than the drainage pipe or crankshaft belt, and should be low-speed straight line, not in the middle stop or shift. After wading, should be delayed for some distance,flat top trailers light brake to make the water on the brake shoe on the evaporation of water.

Through the dangerous areas or narrow will bridge, you should first stop the inspection, confirmed that can be passed by the experienced personnel should be directed forward.

When parked, the internal combustion engine should be turned off, tighten the hand brake, shut the door. The driver is not allowed to leave the vehicle while the engine is running;

When parked on a ramp, the downhill parking should be attached to the reverse gear, the uphill parking should be put on a file, and should use a triangular wedge and so tighten the tires.

Flat head cab to be tilted, the cabinet should be removed objects,flat top trailers close the door, before the forward and locked. After resetting, make sure that the cab is locked before starting.

Under the car under the maintenance, maintenance, the internal combustion engine should be stalled, tighten the hand brake and the wheel wedge.

Vehicles need to be repaired after the test, should be qualified personnel to drive, the car shall not be manned, loaded, when the need to test the road, the traffic management department should be issued by the test license.