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Flat Top Trailers Safe, Simple And Durable

Aug 03, 2017

The advantage of flat top trailers is because there is no cable, not only safe, but not afraid of hot, not afraid to smash, without prejudice to cross-traffic, easy to achieve remote control and automation, can be in the corners, circling on the road, the appropriate increase in the number of step-down transformer can not be flat car running distance Of the restrictions, to the factory transport plane layout with great convenience.

flat top trailers is a low-voltage rail-powered flat car, its working principle is through the ground control buck system, the 380V power supply (three-phase or single-phase) voltage down to 36V safe voltage. Fed to the conductive rail (conductive rails for the carriage of the track), by the flat car's conductive device will be low-voltage power to the car's step-up transformer, boost to 380V to drag three-phase or single-phase capacitor motor, Flat car running.

The purpose of the trolley trailer and the trailer is to reverse the steering direction, aiming to improve the steering at low speed, and the four-wheel steering can reduce the turning radius of the vehicle at low speed. At low speed, the flat trailer can reduce the turning radius by 20% due to the reverse steering of the rear wheels. Making the large flat trailers like the handling of small vehicles and parking agility. Improve the vehicle's trailer capacity. By turning the rear axle to the traction of the trailer,flat top trailers the four-wheel steering system greatly improves the handling, stability and safety of the vehicle trailer. This technology is well received by foreign companies.

1, double-spring cushioning traction mechanism, in the vehicle started or the brakes have a buffer to avoid damage to the goods

2, steering mechanism for the Shanghai machine rotary assembly (excavator hook arm assembly) ten years do not worry about damage.

3, traction cage up and down adjustable, different tonnage of the tractor or forklift traction only a simple adjustment can be

4, suspension frame, compared with the traditional hard-wired (welding), to reduce the long-term stress damage, longer life.

5, the wheel automatically swing adjustable, convex and concave ground to ensure that the level of the board and the tire force balance.

6, before and after the wheel can be optional spring steel shock absorbers, to reduce the bumpy damage to the goods

7, the use of domestic engineering vehicles are more recognized brand solid tires, high flexibility, wear,

8,180 degree rotating frame, the minimum turning radius (180 degrees in situ turn)

9, configuration universal joint, flexible operation.

Flat car used for manned objects, driving, will be tied to the two car between the "car trip" linked to the shoulders, hands holding, the body slightly forward, you can pull the car on the road. Encountered uphill or slippery road, with the car can be on the right side of the handlebar

And then lead a rope set on the shoulder for pulling the car or in the back boost. Under normal circumstances, the car standing two to three active panels to prevent dirt or crops such as fine sundries leak. Northern Shaanxi area for the pull of the "water car" than the flat car humble,flat top trailers handlebar longer, the wheel is higher than the wheel, easy to turn and maintain the balance of power when moving. In the civil market or temple, the flat car is also often filled with goods on both sides of the road, as a convenient sales "car".

Flat cars generally use inflatable solid tires, board height is low, loading large. No risk of puncture and puncture. Safe, simple and durable. He is no power, need to pull the car or forklift to carry the towing. Usually by one or more flat top trailers and a forklift or tractor to form a row of vehicles for cargo plane transport or large equipment handling. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses. Greatly improving the efficiency of the transfer of goods. Reduce the cost of forklifts and manpower.