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Flat Top Trailers Simple Structure, Easy Maintenance

Jul 13, 2017

flat top trailers Knowledge:

1, the flat top trailersin the diesel engine before the shutdown, should be idle in the operating conditions for 3 ~ 5min, so that the supercharger speed down, the temperature decreases, and monitor the supercharger running sound. If abnormal, should be detected. Such as turbocharger rotor rotation is not flexible stuck or wear sound, to be sent to repair the condition of the repair station.

2, flat trailers, 500h or 30000km per work, should check the supercharger rotor shaft clearance, and remove the compressor turbine and rotor blades on the dust and carbon. At this point the turbocharger should be removed from the diesel engine, replace the supercharger between the exhaust pipe metal gasket. Do not allow the use of mechanical methods to remove fouling on the rotor parts, but to use gasoline or other cleaning parts of aluminum washing liquid.

3, flatbed trailer supercharger compressor lock nut can not be disassembled, otherwise it will destroy the turbocharger rotor dynamic balance, causing turbocharger damage.

4, do not make any removed turbocharger rotating parts damaged or stressed, otherwise it will affect the balance of the flatbed trailer turbine. Also can not damage any rubber seal.

5, flat flat top trailerssupercharger and inlet and exhaust pipe connections must be tightly not leak, if the exhaust pipe and exhaust gas between the gas, the efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced, the diesel engine exhaust temperature will rise sharply Damage to valves and superchargers.

6, the new machine before starting, must be supercharger and supercharger oil filter filled with cleaning oil to ensure that the diesel engine to start, the supercharger bearing that can be lubricated. Car driving 8000 ~ 10000km, the need to replace the supercharger oil filter filter.

Flat trailer train compared with ordinary cars 1) flatbed trailer transport efficiency is high: the general loading of the trailer load is 1-2 times the quality of ordinary trucks; 2) low manufacturing costs: a general trailer than the same tonnage truck Low cost of manufacturing 50% -60%; 3) low fuel consumption: 100 tons of fuel consumption 40% lower than the truck cycle; 4) simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, and for general trucks can be dragged without modification; 5) can be picked up after the longer term use as a storage unit.

Flat trailer design requirements

Flatbed trailer design generally need to determine the following:

1, rated carrying capacity, according to the need to design bearing tonnage;

2, bearing area, according to the need to design flat flat top trailersbearing width and length;

3, tire type, is a solid tire or air tires, solid tire wear, no puncture, air tire walking faster;

4, other types of flatbed trailers, such as: double traction, with guardrail, van, brake system, shock absorption system, awning, rope network and so on.

Whether it is in the high-end cars or economic cars, the principle is the same, need to be maintained on time, only conservation properly, in order to extend the life of flat trailers, with peace of mind, to avoid travel and other people to bring insecurity. Vehicle safety should pay attention to the normal use of "three points repair, seven raise". Obviously, this is the consumer to establish the awareness of the importance of daily maintenance of flat trailers.

First of all, often check the tire pressure plate trailer. To keep the tire pressure within the standard value range. Tire pressure is too low will increase the vehicle fuel consumption, in line with the provisions of the tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3 percentage points. To regularly replace the flat trailer oil, pay attention to cleaning coke and worry device, the timely replacement of spark plugs and so on. To the regular gas station refueling, in accordance with the flat flat top trailerscompression ratio selection of the appropriate label fuel, high or low label will cause the cylinder and the fuel tank to increase carbon, shorten the service life. Try not to increase the vehicle power equipment, so as not to increase the load on the generator. Run-in period to avoid weight, speed and low speed. Good driving habits not only can reduce fuel consumption, but also can extend the service life of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to drive correctly. First stop before the trip to understand the road, to avoid the car more lines; as much as possible for the flat trailer "minus", should not step on the throttle, brakes and rapid acceleration, high-speed road as far as possible to run at economic speed, avoid low block high speed. See the red light early harvest oil, the rational use of non-stall off the sliding approach, less brakes. As far as possible high-speed travel, manual transmission of the vehicle in the vehicle speed should be timely after the high gear. Avoid prolonged idling.