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Flat Top Trailers Transport Tasks

May 15, 2017

flat top trailers As the main transport of foreign trade goods flow of container flat roof trailer transport, will be dotted with the foreign trade products, from all over the collection to port terminals, Shenzhen port of 18.8 million containers per year, according to 30,000 container flat roof trailers, even if each car 365 days a year, each car must be completed every day, each of the 1.5 container shipping tasks, the task of the heavy can be seen. Therefore, although the added value is not high, but its rise and fall is related to enterprises, ports and even the smooth operation of foreign trade.

flat top trailers According to 50,000 standard boxes per day, 2200 yuan per carton value calculation, flat roof trailer Industry The annual direct economic output value is more than 41 billion yuan, which needs to attach great importance to the flat roof trailer industry of more than 70%% of the production value in Shenzhen local consumption; At the same time, the flat-topped trailer industry also directly provide jobs for nearly 200,000 people to support millions of people. Therefore, the flat-topped trailer industry not only occupies the most important position in shipping logistics, but also the pillar industry of Shenzhen development.

But a profession that bears such a heavy task, a long-term development of Shenzhen to make such a outstanding contribution to the pillar industry, the status quo is the most difficult shipping logistics, operating the hardest, the most meager profit, because the development of disorder, now has become a full of crisis, urgent need to support the industry.

In the whole shipping logistics, the most arduous work is the flat-topped trailer industry. and Mo on shipping companies, freight forwarders, customs broker Ming working conditions, is compared with the wharf operators, the entire flat roof trailer industry working conditions are also a far cry.

flat top trailers Unlike the development of Shanghai container transportation industry, in Shenzhen, almost 70%% of the flat-topped trailer business is in the humble office where there is no air-conditioning only glue stools, called owners of the owner, most of them are last-borns crowded in the cheap rent to crowded rooms, identity is also constantly changing, no business to worry-the car stops a day better hundreds of pieces of expenditure, one more than a few pieces of sorrow-the customer's goods are to be punctual, to late criticized gift things small, Missed off the period that compensation will have to thousands of yuan; bosses of flat-roof trailers, although the culture is generally low, has not learned about human resources management how to educate people to retain the theory, but use more than a lot of full-time human resources more professional: negotiate-style assignments, patiently listening to drivers complaining, and trying to do well with the driver's relationship; 10% of the percentage of the driver's payroll, though not high, seems to be in fact equal to the bosses and even higher than the actual profits of the bosses, it can be asserted, Almost none of the industry bosses can do so consistently to the employees. Find a good business to appease the driver, the bosses are worried about money, in the flat roof trailer industry, almost every 100 yuan income you have to spend at least 70 yuan. In a car, to remove the car, the daily cash expenditure is at least more than 1000 yuan, customer checkout on time, that is forty or fifty days after the matter, but these expenses, not only can not be owed and must be paid in advance. A person should also act as a business manager, personnel manager, dispatch supervisor, maintenance supervisor, finance manager, and almost 24 hours in or on standby status, this bitter and tired only experience, will really understand the flavor.

The work of the container truck driver is simple, but the working conditions are also very tough, one days 44 clock in the car that is normal, but it is a few days a few nights stay in the cab that is also routine. Narrow cab is the bedroom, summer in order to save the point of air-conditioning with oily arm sweat driving, winter 30 yuan/bed of small heating phenomenon that is commonplace.