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Flat Top Trailers With Convenient, Fast, Punctual

Oct 25, 2017

From a safe point of view, the flat top trailers is a better choice. Two vehicles with rigid flat top trailerss adjacent to the front of the car traction too hard or brake when the traction vehicles will not hit the front of the car. China's first foreign Trade forum: 2EV3BBGX. Frame geometry mold set up plate shell mold to adopt the way of extracting the middle surface, U-shaped channel steel, rectangular square tube as the thickness of the plate shell, along the thickness of the half shell. such as customs clearance orders, export licenses.

The benefit of the flat top trailers line is that it does not occupy the premises in the trunk and is lighter than the flat trailer rod. Metro and light rail transit are the main traffic styles of many cities in the world, with convenient, fast, punctual, carrying capacity of large, low energy consumption, pollution light, small footprint and good safety, and many other technical economic advantages, is to solve the major urban traffic problems of the first choice, has become China's urban transport growth target. 2 from the European Union,flat top trailers the United States, South Korea, Japan imports of goods, such as wooden boxes need to supply heat processing certificate or phytosanitary certificate, such as the length of wooden supplies without wooden package packaging.

1. Loading and unloading can be the machinery of the trailers, should be by the captain or skilled control personnel operation, and should be unified command. Command personnel should understand the functions and characteristics of the trailer and shipping machinery. The action of the upper and the alighting should be smooth and the direction should not be adjusted on the springboard. Loading crawler crane,flat top trailers its lifting arm should be short, so that it does not exceed the highest point of the machine shed, lifting arm back, the hook shall not be free to sway. The trailer should be down at the turn. Rain, snow, frost climate loading unloading, should adopt anti-skid measures. Up and down the ramp, should be early change low-speed gear, not halfway shift and emergency braking. It is forbidden to glide downhill air block. The trailer park should be solidly flat. Long-time parking or heavy car parking,flat top trailers should be a flat plate, tires should not be pressurized. When the cold area is parked overnight, the air and water should be drained

2, the mechanical loading, each brake should be stopped, the insurance equipment should be locked, track or wheel should be wedge tight, and should be lashing firmly. When loading bulldozers, the shovel blade should be removed when the shovel is over the width of the trailer. When transporting the overrun object,flat top trailers the traffic management department must be dealt with the formalities, and the regular road will be carried out within the regular time. Some days should be red flag, red light should be hung at night. Ultra-high objects should be guarded, and should be accompanied by the power distribution tools to maintain transmission lines,flat top trailers to ensure safe operation. Trailer should be a solid springboard, and the angle of the ground: in the loading and unloading crawler cranes, excavators, rollers, should not be greater than 15 °; loading and unloading crawler-type bulldozers, delay machine, should not be greater than 25 °