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Flatbed Government Support

On a nearby flatbed exhibition time, both the number of participating models, or in the number of exhibitors, have declined compared with the previous year. In participation models, many of which are big nose trailer, body is 5-8 meters, this type of flatbed is mainly due to the types of vehicles compared to flat-more secure. 2012 trailer big volume trailers sold 26,000 units, than in 2011, an increase of nearly 300%. But on the other hand, are subject to car financing, trailer market is far from everyone's expectations. Now the Government has launched the Government subsidies. Similarly, the relevant departments Zheng Ziang flatbed management change philosophy, as long as the Government and financial support, trailer market must be very good in the future. After several years of operation proves that problems existing in the pure electric vehicles, especially the issue of battery range and life, will take a long time to solve. Therefore, the focus of the national energy conservation policy in these two years, electric transition already in the past few years and now digging machines and gas above.