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Flatbed Trailer To "three Seven"

Whether it is a luxury or economy car, the principle is the same, need maintenance on time, only proper maintenance can extend the life of flatbed, with the peace of mind and avoid travel brings safety to yourself and others. Safe use of vehicles should pay attention to "three minutes, seven minutes". Obviously, it is to set up the flatbed of consumers awareness of the importance of routine maintenance.

First flatbed check tire pressure often. To keep your tire pressure within the standard values. Tire pressure is too low increase vehicle fuel consumption, in line with the requirements of tire pressure, fuel consumption can be reduced by 3.3%. Regular replacement of flatbed oil, attention to cleaning carbon deposits and taking into account clear, timely replacement of spark plugs, and so on. Go to a regular gas station, follow the flatbed compression ratio value to select the appropriate marking of fuel, labeling high or low will cause the cylinder and increase nozzle coking and shorten the service life. Try not to increase internal friction power equipment, so as not to increase the load on the generator. Break-in period to avoid weight-bearing, speed and slow speed. Fuel efficient piece of good driving habits not only reduces fuel consumption, but also can extend the life of the vehicle. So, it is very necessary to learn to drive. First of all, to understand the road conditions before travel, avoid the lines of cars as possible for flatbed "burden", do not hurry to step on the gas, brakes or sudden acceleration, highway economic speed as much as possible, avoid low gear high speed traffic. See red oil in advance, reasonable use does not turn off way to ride the clutch, brake less. High gear drive, manual transmission, high speed stability of the vehicle in time after a change of gear. Avoid idling for long periods.