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Flatbed Trailer Traction Directly Describe The Characteristics

Jul 27, 2015

Flatbed trailer consists of traction drag handle, carrying cargo (frame), steering and wheel assemblies and other components and increase damping device according to user needs. Suspension with rigid connection, to undertake the cargo safe, smooth running. Mechanical properties of materials is not attached to the frame below the material Q235A steel, axle is made of 45# steel forging machining after heat treatment. Wheels can be selected according to customer's requirements pneumatic tyres or solid tires, steering mechanism for Planar closed pivoting, bearing strength of the structure, turning flexible and reliable, able to steer angle up to 360-degree free rotation. Flat trailers can also add auxiliary devices according to customer requirements, such as u-shaped frame, stick, plate racks, parking brake device, frame red antirust primer-treated, the outer layer of yellow paint color for engineering. Towing services for continuous duty. Trailers designed for a service life of 10 years