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Flatbed Trailers Category

Jul 27, 2015

1. flat drawbar trailers:

Drawbar flatbed is flatbed with at least two axes. With a shaft 180-degree turn through the angular movement of drawbar flatbed trailer coupling; drawbar can be moved vertically, on the coupling plate and therefore could not withstand any vertical forces. With hidden frame semi-trailer drawbar flatbed trailer.

Universal drawbar flatbed is a open (flat) or closed (van) within the cargo space to carry cargo haulage flatbed trailer.

2. heavy steel flatbed trailers:

Flatbed body material is heavy, usually known as: heavy duty flatbed trailer. Large and heavy, carrying capacity than a strong flatbed. Called the heavy steel flatbed. Heavy steel flatbed trailers are generally used for industrial large-tonnage cargo transport, turnover goods in a factory, or midway upon the road transport of goods.

Heavy flatbed trailer application: suitable for the short transit, moving heavy products, machinery, logistics, assembly line operations such as transport.