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Flatbed Truck Use

Jul 27, 2015

Tractor used for passenger loading, driving, tied between the two handlebar "tripped" hanging on the shoulders, hands holding, the body slightly forward, can pull the road. Encounter hills or slippery roads, with cars in the right side of the handlebar

Flatbed flatbed

Tying a noose to shoulder to pull ahead or behind-booster. Under normal circumstances, standing two to three activities on hand Board to prevent leakage of fine groceries such as dirt or crop. In northern Shaanxi used to pull "water car" filled with humble, longer handlebars, wheels high disk, easy to turn when you go and keep moving the balance of power. On the private market or fair, tractor has often been filled with goods on both sides of the street, become an easy sale "assessed contributions".

Tractor used inflatable tire plate surface height, large load capacity. No risk of broken tire, tire. Safe, simple and durable. His unpowered, need tractor or forklift truck for towing. Usually consists of one or more flatbed and a forklift truck or tractor vehicles formed a column to cargo planes transporting or handling of large equipment. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and a large warehouse. Greatly improve the efficiency of goods transit translation. Reduce forklift and cost of human consumption.