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Galvanized Boat Trailers Effective Measures To Improve Transportation Efficiency

Jun 14, 2017

The new technology will always experience an adaptation period, and then a small number of people first try, after understanding the advantages of new products released to more people. This rule is also used in the galvanized boat trailers is the same. Card Friends now on the galvanized boat trailers is a general question: whether the deformation after the overload? Will the galvanized boat trailers be corroded by some of the goods? But these two problems are actually very good answer, the strength of aluminum is actually very high, many trucks are using aluminum alloy wheels, there is no big accident;

In the corrosive, aluminum is indeed more active than iron, easier to corrosion, but the inertia of aluminum and iron almost. How can the corrosion of aluminum alloy cargo how much, if you can corrosion aluminum, iron can survive?

In recent years, China's maritime transport, road freight and container transport and other logistics and transportation market is booming, to promote the corresponding transport vehicle market demand, and as the main road transport vehicle semi-trailer demand, and now China's transport semi-trailer still To steel-based trailer, but other Europe and the United States, the Japanese developed countries, most of the steel trailer has been replaced by galvanized boat trailers.

At present, the number of domestic heavy trucks has exceeded 3 million, such a large number of exhaust emissions to become an important source of air pollution, and resource consumption and environmental pollution has become a global problem, the whole society are concerned about the car's energy-saving emission reduction work The Reducing vehicle weight is an effective measure to reduce fuel consumption and improve transportation efficiency. Aluminum alloy has the advantage of reducing the weight of the car. The aluminum alloy semi-trailer is 3.5 tons less than the weight of steel semi-trailer. Operation can be more than the whole steel structure semi-trailer Dora transport 3.5 tons of goods. No-load operation will also save a lot of fuel consumption, data show that the production of 1 kg of aluminum about 14 degrees power consumption, but in the car for each use of 1 kg of aluminum can replace steel about 2 kg in the car's life cycle to save 1 kg Material can save fuel 0.7 kg, equivalent to about 800 kWh of energy saving, reducing carbon dioxide emissions of about 1800 kg.

Relevant logistics company calculation shows that the annual operation of 150,000 km calculation, aluminum car in the use of its lightweight advantage can be more than 150,000 yuan to 18 million. Although the cost of a one-time car relative to the steel trailer is about 40% higher, but the overall operator down, 1 to 2 years will be able to recover the cost. China's annual car fuel consumption of about 40 million tons, if the galvanized boat trailers market share can reach 70%, then the annual savings of about 7.66 million tons of fuel to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 22 million tons, and aluminum vehicles longer life, according to Europe and the United States experience, an aluminum tank life cycle is generally 15 years to 20 years, while the life of steel cans only 7 years to 9 years. And the value of the vehicle after the retirement value is also higher than the steel vehicles to the commonly used aluminum tankers, for example, the recovery of aluminum tank is about 85% of the original aluminum is much higher than the average value of ordinary steel vehicle recycling.

At present, the galvanized boat trailers in China is no longer a new thing, but the market share of the use of very few, China's first galvanized boat trailers was founded in 2008 Taiyuan truck industry exhibition, by Baotou Yuli Industrial R & D and manufacturing The So far a few years time, so far less popular use. But the transport industry and trailer manufacturing industry are that the lighter galvanized boat trailers will inevitably replace the future of steel trailers become the mainstream market.