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How To Use The Motorcycle Trailer

May 10, 2017

Motorcycle trailers First, ready to work, you have to have a power fairly good car, and for the installation of trailer ball head. In addition, in order to achieve the safety standards on the road, the need for the light system on the trailer plug. So that the trailer at night there are lights, play a corresponding warning effect. Because it is related to traffic safety, it is very important. In addition, in order to fix the motorcycle, you need to prepare a few buckle nylon rope, and each car at least two sets of tensioner.

Motorcycle trailers Second, the trailer is divided into many kinds, basically much the same. The trailer rear plate will open, will form a slope, if you are very high technology, you can try to ride on the motorcycle, of course, if you feel a trace of not assured, or find a helper to help you hold it. After the front wheel into the fixed slot, be sure to pay attention to the brake disc. If there is a bump between the brake disc and the card slot, it will cause damage to the brake disc. In the fixed car when the need for special attention, if the hand side of the cardboard or some soft materials, the proposed pad in the middle of the brake disc and card slot.

Motorcycle trailers Third, the next is how fixed vehicles, and this is very particular about. We used two sets of tensioners, by hooking the handlebar to balance the car fixed on both sides of the fixed ring. In the tightening of the time should pay attention to both sides of the force evenly to ensure that the vehicle upright. The shock is compressed as much as possible so that the vehicle will be more stable during transport. 

Motorcycle trailers (Note: in the transport process, do not put side ladder down, because in the bumps, the side ladder will bear greater strength, may cause damage, while the use of tensioner fixed to absorb a good part of the vibration, not Will cause flaws in the vehicle.

Motorcycle trailers Fourth, the handlebar fixed after the fork because of a certain amount of compression, so the vehicle has been basically fixed firmly. In order to prevent bumps when the rear wheel beating, need to be fixed on the rear wheel, so close to the top of the carriage.

Motorcycle trailers Five, so, the motorcycle was fixed to complete. Between the trailer and the main car is fixed by the ball head. Fixed after a certain must be locked to prevent the turmoil in the case of trailer and the main car separation. In order to double insurance, but also need to bring the trailer cable in the main car trailer ring above, this will be more secure.