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Off Road Box Trailer A Common Transportation Tool

Oct 25, 2017

At present, the automobile is commonly used in daily life of a kind of transportation tools, with the improvement of living standards, more and more families around the world to choose outside the work to go on vacation, which accelerated the development of domestic and foreign trailers. Now the sales of the trailer market can meet the basic needs of accommodation, security can also be met. However, due to the limitations of the trailer's own structure, the trailer's accommodation space and storage space is small, inconvenient for users to go out to use, it is difficult to meet the needs of the whole family outing. A cross-country trailer is used to solve the defect of inconvenient assembly of trailer in the existing technology, to increase the accommodation space of off road box trailer, and to make full use of the internal space storage of the bucket, so as to facilitate the use of cross-country trailer for users. The utility model provides a cross-country trailer, which comprises a bucket, a tent bracket and a bed bed, wherein the two sides of the bucket are hinged respectively with a tent bracket and a bed bed. The off road box trailer provided by the utility model is hinged with a tent bracket and a bed board on a bucket, no need to put the bed board in the bucket and occupy the space in the bucket, and by flipping the bed to form a larger area of accommodation on the bucket, and by rotating the tent bracket to adjust the position, you can cover the spread of the floor through the tent, Thus allows the user to obtain the larger accommodation space, realizes increases the cross-country use trailer the lodging space, and realizes the full use vehicle bucket's internal space storage, facilitates the user to use the cross-country use trailer.