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Open Utility Trailers A Comprehensive Inspection Of The Technical Status Of The Machine

Oct 11, 2017

Agricultural standardization work is the use of open utility trailersand other farm operations machinery in accordance with the unified requirements and quality standards for agricultural operations. Agricultural machinery operations should pay attention to pre-job preparation and rational use.

Agricultural mechanized production requires careful organization, before the job to be ready. Well prepared, can effectively reduce the tractor blank line and the engine idling, improve time utilization, reduce fuel consumption. Preparation work should be done according to the service object, operating items and plots to determine the driving route, to avoid the transfer car, as far as possible shift maintenance, refueling, shift "three to the field"; a comprehensive inspection of the technical state of the machine,open utility trailers according to agricultural technical requirements and maintenance Technical requirements for installation, adjustment; view plots and roads, depending on the soil, soil moisture and ground temperature and other specific circumstances, to determine the operating time and methods,open utility trailers do a good job of land planning to try to contiguous, reasonable zoning, reduce the ground turn. If necessary, clear the field barriers, but also to renovate the road.

Reasonable use of agricultural machinery: a reasonable group, in the possible conditions of parallel operation of multiple tools, as far as possible to increase the work of the tool width, as far as possible the use of duplex operations. Such as farmland at the same time harrowing, planting, cultivating at the same time fertilization, tillage and so on. To achieve a reasonable group, give full play to mechanical efficiency. Try to reduce the number of tractors into the land, to seize the moisture operation,open utility trailers in strict accordance with the technical requirements of agricultural farming services to ensure the quality of operations. The correct operation, the start of the tractor, driving, parking, flameout, and driving in the steering, braking, oil and other operations.

There are many types of open utility trailers. According to the purpose can be divided into general-purpose trailers and special trailers two types: special trailer is the transport of certain types of agricultural materials or materials, the general both unloading, sprinkling or loading function, commonly used transport trucks, manure spreader (see fertilizer ), Liquid fertilizer tankers, sugar cane transporters, pasture trucks and green fodder trucks, livestock and poultry trucks, agricultural machinery and other transport vehicles. According to the structure can be divided into trailers, semi-trailer, dumping materials can automatically dump trailers and non-dump trailers and other types.

General type of trailer: all the weight from the front and rear axle 4 (or 6, 8) wheel support, good stability, wide adaptability. The front wheel steering mechanism has two types of wheel turn and shaft steering. The rut of the wheeled trailer is basically the same as that of the tractor, and the driver does not have to worry about it. The wheels are on both sides of the frame, the carriage bearing surface is lower, but the turning radius is larger. Shaft to the trailer wheel to rotate under the frame,open utility trailers the car carrying a higher surface, the unit turning radius is small, but the trailer rut and tractor rutting inconsistent. More than 15 kilowatts of tractor-tractor-trailer general-purpose trailer in China more use of pneumatic brake, tractor mounted on the pump, by the tractor brake pedal linkage brake valve control brake. The brake valve should be adjusted so that the trailer brake is slightly ahead of the tractor, so that the trailer can not impact the tractor,open utility trailers resulting in swing and affect the safety and driver comfort. Pneumatic brake with inflatable and gas two types, respectively, in the inflatable and gas state of the brake. The brake system is self-braking when the trailer and the tractor are accidentally disengaged, also known as fail-safe braking systems, but are structurally complex.