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Open Utility Trailers Dual Characteristics Of Both Domestic And Commercial Vehicles

Nov 03, 2017

A open utility trailers is a kind of passive road vehicle that needs to be towed by trucks for its industrial design and technical characteristics to be used normally. open utility trailerss are generally used for special purposes such as heavy-duty transport of industrial goods or transport of personnel.

In recent years, the open utility trailers industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for open utility trailerss is also very large. The internal impetus for the rapid growth of the open utility trailers market is that the functional attributes of the product are in balance with the demand of various consumer groups. At present, from the domestic market analysis, open utility trailerss are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hunan and other provinces, from the growth trend analysis, coastal cities and other traditional strong regional market saturation, and in some policy impact of the weak Midwest and second-tier three cities in the future market prospects.

The advantages of the open utility trailers products are very strong, which take into account the dual characteristics of the domestic and commercial vehicles, and have significant characteristics of the unit and the family bus. Its structural diversification can well meet the wider needs, and the carrying capacity and the adoption of strong advantages, compared to light card and micro-kata more secure and ride comfort.

From the domestic market growth factor analysis, a product market rapid expansion is driven by private consumption. The opportunity for rapid growth in the flat-panel trailer market depends on when private consumption needs to be fully launched.

open utility trailers by the engine, chassis, electrical and other systems are mainly used for traction and transport of multi-purpose walking machinery, open utility trailers in the field of driving or operation if there is a rollover accident, the engine should be immediately flameout, the locomotive will be Fuzheng, and then the following treatment:

1. Clear the surface of the trailer of the soil, to see if the appearance of the parts deformed and broken. If there is damage, it should be repaired or replaced according to the condition.

2. Check whether the joints are damaged, traction frame and latch is broken, whether the pin is off, drive axle and the final drive cover there is no deformation or cracks, handrails to connect the junction is broken and so on.

3. Check whether there are cracks in the flywheel, whether there is loosening and deflection phenomenon, crankshaft and the key is intact.

4. Check the clutch, variable lever, joystick has no deformation, card lag, steering, braking is sensitive and reliable.

5. Check the oil quantity of diesel and oil, should be added when insufficient.

6. If the tractor is turned into the water, the part of the air vent (mouth) on the machine will enter the silt and water, and the oil in the fuel tank and the engine oil sump shall be exhausted. Diesel oil can be deposited for more than 48 hours, pour out the upper layer of clean oil for cleaning oil; Oil can be placed in a clean container, with an open flame heating dehydration, used as rust.

7. After the removal of the parts cleaned and installed, add clean diesel oil to the sump, reduce the number of rotary crankshaft, release cleaning oil, to eliminate the possible residual moisture in the oil channel.

8. Remove the diesel filter, air filter, inlet pipe and cylinder cover, remove the water, silt and so on.

9. Remove the cylinder head and the piston connecting rod group, wipe the surface moisture, check whether the cylinder burst, whether the connecting rod bending deformation.