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Open Utility Trailers Engineering Technology, Transportation

Aug 14, 2017

open utility trailers are generally used for: industrial goods overloading or transport personnel transport and other extraordinary purposes. In the postal logistics warehousing RBI improvement recommendations о focus on logistics talent savings Modern logistics talent is able to be able to grasp the economy, RBI, information, engineering, transportation and other disciplines of common sense of high-level talent logistics talent cultivation is modern Logistics wealth growth is the basic is to start a full range of logistics personnel training is intended to be in the postal logistics growth must solve a major problem. Rolling molding cushion after paving, leveling,open utility trailers should immediately be carried out in the whole scale rolling, rolling the purpose of the target should be parallel with the middle line, straight line from edge to middle, ultra-high from the inside to the outside, followed by Continuous average rolling.

    The main construction equipment, loaders, rollers, etc. are directly transported by the flat trailer to the site, other equipment from the dump truck to the site. The project on the road, the middle layer of asphalt in the same asphalt asphalt modified 90 asphalt,open utility trailers the next layer of asphalt in the asphalt with a road modified asphalt. ⑺ pavement: 1 June 2011 to June 2, 2011, estimated 2 days. (B) the construction program This section of the tunnel according to the "new Austrian law" design and construction. Construction of water production, living with water to take the rent with the well, in situ drilling pumping and pumping water from the system of water,open utility trailers a total of two wells set to meet the production, living needs. Subgrade base for the soil or soil loose, before the compaction in the compaction, the degree of compaction is not less than the imagination; (not collecting road surface thickness) first ride up 30cm, roadbed filling height less than 80cm , And then leveling compaction, the degree of compaction is not less than the bed of the degree of compaction scale.

    Flatbed trailer 2 quality control to bridge machine before the crane beam under the car, to curb walking, by the front hanging car in the project after the start of the project under the guidance of the principle, the gradual formation of high-quality hanging beam front end,open utility trailers Body and flat car constraints, promotion of the beam before the completion of the project guidelines guiding thinking. The Gravel under the gravel using the gravel does not cross f, do a special inspection record, real-time feedback quality information. Reasonable division of the construction section, each section of parallel homework, water homework,open utility trailers with each other, clear division of labor, to ensure that the line line construction. Nylon woven bag cofferdam construction of the island, combined with the depth of the bridge is not long for the construction of the bridge.

open utility trailers in the design of the four aspects of the general attention

The first aspect, rated carrying capacity, can be designed to carry tonnage as needed.

The second aspect, bearing area, according to the needs of the design of flat trailer carrying width and length.

The third aspect, tire type,open utility trailers is a solid tire or air tires, solid tire wear,

Do not puncture, air tire walking faster.

The fourth aspect, other types of trolley trailers, such as: double traction, with guardrail, van,

Brake system, shock absorption system, awning, rope network and so on.