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Overview Flatbed

Jul 27, 2015

Flatbed, flatbed truck, full trailer flatbed truck, full trailer, flatbed trailer, and so on, are important tools of modern logistics and transport. Used flatbed trailers are an important means of enhancing economic efficiency the most simple and effective. With high load-bearing capacity efficiency advantages. Can consist of a tractor towing a car or a combination of above trailer flatbed train.

Flatbed train compared with ordinary car 1) high transport efficiency: full trailer loads of quality is General van 1-2; 2) low cost: a full trailer for the same tonnage truck, low cost 50%-60%; 3) low fuel consumption: 40% hundred ton/km fuel consumption than truck bike; 4) simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, but also for goods vehicles is not required may be readily towed; 5) after pick-up, more long-term use as a storage unit.

Flatbed trailers themselves without power, used forklift, tractor pulling, suitable for factories, docks, ports, warehouses and transport of bulk cargo turnover in the field.