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Painting Galvanized Boat Trailer Painting Technology Requires High

Jun 14, 2017

1)painting galvanized boat trailer Before coating, the steel plate pretreatment strictly meet the relevant standards of secondary rust, degreasing, decontamination, wipe the surface with solvent, and should be painted as soon as possible to avoid re-oxidation of steel corrosion.

(2) according to the different parts of the ship and the use of different requirements, select a reasonable variety of paint and supporting programs. Paint should be in accordance with the requirements of the product manual for construction. Paint before testing all paint varieties, colors,painting galvanized boat trailer specifications and models meet the coating technical requirements, check the quality of paint and storage period, more than the storage period of the paint must be re-tested by qualified units, qualified before use.

(3) must use the diluent as required, generally not more than 5% of the amount of paint, paint does not allow the addition of harmful solvents or pigments, should be deployed before use, and according to the requirements of the coating method to filter. Two-component coating, according to the proportion of curing agent, and can be mixed evenly, to have a certain activation period and run out within a certain period of time.

(4) The construction unit can be used according to the nature of the coating, the surface condition of the coating and the environmental conditions. It is usually used for brushing, roller coating, air spraying, airless spraying and scratching. In order to improve the efficiency and get a beautiful coating,painting galvanized boat trailer the general use of high pressure airless spray. But for the small compartment of the coating is still used roller or hand brush. It is pre-painted with bristles, elbows, and the like. For foreign metal contact parts and rivets, welds and edges and corners should be first brush again, and then spray.

(5) the coating should reach the specified dry film thickness, in the coating process, constantly measuring the thickness of the wet film to estimate the spray a few road to achieve the required dry film thickness. Spray before painting, to try to spray, select the appropriate nozzle, adjust the appropriate pressure.

(6) coated with anti-rust coating, the best use of each species of different colors and different paint to prevent leakage and easy to check the quality. After the coating is completed,painting galvanized boat trailer the total dry film thickness shall be checked according to the corresponding standard and the coating leak test shall be carried out.

(7) Prohibit the paint on the surface of the anode, the insoluble auxiliary anode, the reference electrode, the depth of the analyzer and the transmitter, the mark, the rubber seal, the valve, the cable, the friction surface, etc. Spray or use other methods of painting, covered with tape.

(8) is strictly prohibited anti-fouling paint, water paint directly painted on the bare metal surface or the inner wall of the cabin. "

(9) In the sub-coating, is strictly prohibited fire operations. High pressure airless spray must adhere to the operating procedures and to prevent the spray on the environment. Install appropriate ventilation equipment, to avoid solvent evaporation on the human body and possible fire, while ensuring the quality of construction. Painting on the narrow compartments, must be artificial ventilation,painting galvanized boat trailer construction workers should wear gas masks and continuous operation should not be more than half an hour.

(10) Painting construction is generally selected in the temperature of 5 ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity less than 85% of the environment. Rain, fog or hull with water vapor and frost,painting galvanized boat trailer should not be painted in the outdoors. Wind, dust, more should not be painted. The temperature of the steel plate shall be higher than the dew point of 3 ° C or higher and the temperature shall not be lower than the minimum temperature specified by the drying of the coating.

(11) aluminum, galvanized surface or other special material surface should use special coatings, such as zinc yellow primer, does not allow coating with copper, mercury, lead paint primer.

(12) The hull part of the weld, rivets in the watertight test before the surrounding 10mm is not painted; weld 50mm before the weld is not painted. Painting or application of paper or plastic film masked,painting galvanized boat trailer painted and removed in time.

(13) In order to ensure the quality of the coating, to be fully dry film, the segment can move. Move to avoid knocking wear film.

(14) before the construction of paint, the construction unit according to the various parts of the ship coating area, construction methods, substrate and other actual situation and with reference to the previous construction materials and other factors, estimated the required amount of paint, and develop detailed construction program.