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Tractor How To Forest Road

Jul 27, 2015

1 flatbed, heavy attention right to low tree branches along public roads, preventing scratches Dongfeng tractor body.

2, driving on the new road, should pay attention to felling of trees left behind when Yu Gen, broken branches and tree pits, in this case the best bypass, or remove obstacles and then pass.

3, through the leaves of trees relatively thick sections should beware of searching covered with hard branches of Dongfeng flat truck tires punctured.

4, driving on the new road, should be alert to the beast's intrusion.

5, when the narrow road through the forest, detour, should also be careful to take the Dongfeng flat transport truck turn time, prevents the front and the rear have collided with tree branches. If the road is narrow, turning difficult, lateral displacement and other methods to change orientation.

6, through the rusty or forest roads, the most easily get lost, you should pay attention to direction and the establishment of good signs.

7, Dongfeng flat truck driving should be prohibited in the forest fire, prevent the occurrence of fires.